Metal Cutters & Holder (Choose Your Colour)

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This set contains 52 metal cutters in a custom 3D printed holder.

These cutters are, like so many things we polymer clay makers use, are designed for a different craft - leather hole punching. As such they have one very sharp end & are of many varied sizes and shapes.

These cutters are good for stud work but perfect for internal cut outs in your clay pieces. Printed cutters with built-in cut outs are often not sharp enough to handle the double cutting edge, restrict your creative flexibility on where you'd like the cut out, and can be difficult to remove your piece from as they are narrow. This metal set gives you the freedom of a sharp cutter to cut out a internal hole wherever you choose!

There are 52 cutters, all are approx 23mm tall.

They vary in size with the smallest being a 5mm circle & the longest a 50mm rectangle. For size reference, the internal measurement of the holder is 105mm x 75mm.



  • As these are a metal worked product, they have a thin grease on them from the preparation process. We advise you to wipe your cutter gently on a paper towel or similar before cutting - cool slip can be used to clean also. 
  • The cutting edge is SHARP. Please take care to identify it (by a 2.5mm lighter line on the metal) and hold by the dull end. These are NOT suitable for children.
  • Cutter set is heavy at 400g, something to bear in mind for International Shipping.
  • Earring Pieces in the last photo are to depict possible use of the cutters. These pieces are unsanded & unfinished to show you how clean the cut is.
  • All effort has been taken to depict colour true to life but please allow variance from screen to screen - translucent colours are especially hard to depict but are vibrant shades of the colour described.

POSTAGE: 3D printed items are heat sensitive. If there is a chance your parcel will be exposed to high temperatures (Heat waves, International postal delays etc) we recommend you select EXPRESS post to avoid the slim chance of your items warping if exposed to direct heat.