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    Blackbird & Violet are Sarah & Cody, two women with a passion for crochet, polymer clay and our little family of four-legged non-helpers. Creating colorful and cheerful things brings such a smile to our faces and it's our daily delight to share that charm with the world!

    Our baskets and bowls are made from t-shirt yarn. This is an up-cycled material, offcuts from the fashion industry that would normally be wasted, and is unique in it's one-off colorways and textures. It's very durable, easy to clean and the majority of our creations are One Of A Kind.

    If you've dabbled in crochet, we have patterns for the newbies or beginners as well as DIY kits. These are packed full of close up photos making them easy to use & we're always happy to offer support.

    B&V also make Polymer Clay earrings & 3D printed Shape Cutters for the makers. Our earrings have a focus on uncomplicated pops of pattern & color with a even representation of hooks and studs. Our hooks are custom made for us by a local silversmith and out studs are all surgical stainless steel. 

    Our Shape Cutters are 'small batch' one might say! 3D printing takes quite a long time so we aim to do fortnightly releases. We take a volume of orders we can dispatch in the 5 day turn around so as to still offer reasonable wait times, around our schedules. To keep up to date on these releases, check out our instagram.