Some of our products can be a bit tricker to mix just the amount you need for a project. Below are calculators to help you mix the right ratios for Ecrylimer, ArtCast (Slow) & ArtCast (Fast). Our mould range can be found here.

In order to work out the measurements (Liquid to Powder, Part A to Part B etc) needed to fill your mould, use the calculators below. 

All you need to know already is the volume of the mould you wish to use. You can get this 3 ways:

  • Fill the mould with water & then tip the water into a measuring cup - the volume it fills to is the volume of your mould.
  • Place the mould on some scales & zero the scales. Fill the mould with water - the grams displayed = mls of water.
  • If you purchased your mould from B&V we have the approximate mould volume on every listing.

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Calculator placeholder

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Our Story

B&V are Sarah & Cody, two women based in Regional Victoria, Australia. Creating colourful & cheerful things has always bought a smile to our faces & it's a daily delight to be able to help others create those things too!

Shaking up the Shape Cutter scene in 2019, offering modern shapes in fresh colours but most importantly: sold individually. Most cutters back then were sourced from internationally based, traditionally focused printers & had to be bought in large sets of sizes that weren't always right for slab earring making.

In early 2020 we made the exciting decision to grow into
your one-stop-shop for Earring Supplies, focused on contemporary polymer clay making. 

Now in 2021 we're working super hard behind the scenes to continue to grow that range & bring some exciting new things to the table (helloooo resin!). 

To keep up to date on new products, check out our instagram.

Since June 2020 Blackbird and Violet donates $1000 of our sales each month, split evenly across the four groups below.

We would like to thank you for
making this possible & would like to encourage you to click the links below to find out more about these initiatives & charities. 

Pay The Rent  is a grassroots to grassroots collective in Victoria to Pay Our Rent to the First Nations people whose land we live on & part of a process of restitution to move towards justice & liberation for First Nations people.

Minus18 are champions for LGBTQIA+ youth, leading change, building social inclusion & advocating for an Australia
where all young people are safe.

Berry Street is an independent family service org., providing safe homes for children through fostering, kinship & residential care, works towards healing Childhood Trauma & speaks out for Childhood.

safe steps Family Violence Response Centre is a statewide (VIC) service for women, young people & children experiencing family violence, working towards ending family violence through a respond-recover-prevent framework.