We offer our Basics, Pastels & Naturals colours for custom signage. These all have a Matte Side & a Shiny Side. For general acrylic info & FAQ head to the end of this section.









In general the Nature range colours are slightly muted than screens show, beautiful organic colours.


General Info & FAQ

  • QR Signs are made on the shiny side up as the protective paper adheres best to it & will give a clean edge to the paint filled QR Code. All other signs are made on the matte side by default as it more durable & forgiving on the market road (less likely to scratch & scruff, photos well).

  • We do our best to colour match our photos but there will be variances from screen to screen. We recommend ordering from desktops where possible as you get a bigger view of the colours & mobile screens tend to oversaturate. 

  • As we use through an acrylic sheet & begin a new one, colour may vary slightly. You may notice slight variances between orders but this is rare.