Bob + Frank Stirring Sticks

$11.00 AUD 

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Pic 2: Small Stirring Sticks [Left to Right]: Silver Glitter, Black, Lime, Blue, Hot Pink, Fuchsia, Pink.
Pic 3:
Large Stirring Sticks [Top to Bottom]: Gold Glitter, Pink, Purple, White

From Bob + Frank:

"Stirring Sticks that work! I have designed them to mix in all the resin that sits at the bottom of your cup. With an angled, curved edge that gets in nice and close on the edge of the cups. There isn't anything on the market like my stirring sticks, and I have put a lot of thought into the design 🙌🏻 Made by a resin maker for resin makers. I get it and understand it. 👊🏻

No more running to the shops because you need more stirring sticks, no more wasting time and money! Our stirring sticks can be reused over and over and over and over again 🙌🏻 Wipe them with rubbing alcohol before resin is cured, and they are like new all over again.

No more having the stick press into your palm and causing pain. Our stirring sticks have been made with a wide end to make them more comfortable to hold onto while working.

The small is approximately 13 cm in length and 2 cm wide.
The large is approximately 16cm in length and 2.5 wide.

The stirring sticks are laser cut from acrylic and acrylic doesn't like to be bent, so please don't bend your stick as they may break."