Clay Start Up Kit

$105.00 AUD 

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Valued at over $150, this start up kit contains:

1x Precision Knife (random colour)
1x Tissue blade
1x Acrylic roller
1x Hand Drill with 10 assorted bits
1x Small e6000 glue
1x Premo 12 Pack sampler 
A selection of jump rings, stud posts & backs
12 x B&V shape cutters (assorted colours)

  • Arch [Short] 15mm
  • Arch [Standard] 35mm
  • Bar 20mm
  • Capsule [14mm wide] 40mm
  • Circle 15, 25 & 35mm
  • Diamond Drop 50mm
  • Half Oval 17mm
  • Oval 40mm
  • Petal 35mm
  • Snowdrop 20mm

All packaged together in a hand stamped Blackbird & Violet cotton bag 🖤


These are the basics, the things you won't find round the home, the things to get you started and excited to dive into the contemporary earring world!

The kit comes with a "one pager", explaining the basics of each item & recommended items to find round the home or local hardware store but does not come with an How To's or Tutorials.

Rather, make the internet your best friend! Fantastic knowledge sharers, tutorial makers, workshop creators and video queens like @polymerclaytutor @pollycollective @thebluebottletree and @friclay @theclayhive on instagram are just the tip of the world that's available to you. Hopefully our kit gets you started off on a fantastic adventure!

POSTAGE NOTE: 3D printed shape cutters & clay are heat sensitive. If there is a chance your parcel will be exposed to high temperatures (Heat waves, International postal delays etc) we recommend you select EXPRESS post to avoid the slim chance of kit being exposed direct heat.