Ironlak 1mm Paint Markers

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 Directions For Best Use:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Pump nib on a test surface to start paint flow. 
  • Avoid shaking the marker once nib is juiced.
  • Remove excess paint from nib and cavity before replacing lid tightly and storing upright.
  • Nib is removable; clean by rinsing with water.
  • Replacement nibs and paint refills are sold separately. When nibs start showing signs of wear and tear, simply swap them out for a fresh set – it’s as simple as that.

Remember these are refillable paint markers, not traditional pens, so be careful when opening that the lid does not screw off the body (or be wearing an apron!). If the nib/spring ever jams, gently take apart to release pressure from the body. Every part is cleanable - you can even mix colours inside the pen!

 Colours :

  • Soviet - Raspberry Red
  • Red Shimmer - True Red
  • Fluoro Pink - Hot Pink
  • Flirt - Magenta Pink
  • Delicious - Baby Pink
  • Magic - Lilac
  • Moberry - Deep Berry Pink
  • Purple Shimmer - Bright Purple Shimmer
  • Purple Reign - Rich Royal Purple
  • Eggplant - Very Dark Purple
  • Yankee - Navy Blue
  • Smurf - Bright Blue
  • Torquay - Warm Sky Blue
  • Atmosphere - Pastel Blue
  • Blue Shimmer - Medium Blue (does not look like lid)
  • Electro - Bright blue Mint
  • Reef - Teal
  • Hunter - cool toned blue Green
  • Placid - Pastel Green
  • Frazetta - bright Green Aqua
  • Huey - Forest Green
  • Green Shimmer - Leaf Green Shimmer
  • Jarnte - Light Leaf Green
  • Fluoro Green - Fluorescent Green
  • Whizbang - Pastel Yellow Green
  • Sorbet - Light Lemon
  • Pineapple Park - Sunshine Yellow
  • Volcano - Tangerine Orange
  • Halloween - Orange
  • Bowen - soft yolk Yellow
  • Fraser - Cream
  • Cuppa - Latte/Camel
  • Gold - Metallic Gold
  • Copper - Copper Patina
  • Swiss - Chocolate Brown   
  • Chrome - Silver Chrome
  • Washington - Grey
  • Aspen - White
  • Roarke - Black



Further info from the Ironlak Website:

Water Based Acrylic Paint - Colour with confidence

The Ironlak Pump Action Paint Marker employs our specially designed Ironlak Fluid water based acrylic paint – a free-flowing paint that utilises a smaller pigment particle size for optimum coverage. The inclusion of a high quality resin allows paint to flow smoothly – affording you the best possible coverage on your surface of choice. Whether filling colours or adding miniscule details to a piece of illustration – the paint will apply clean. 

Pump Action Valve System - Flow freely

To ensure that you get the best possible performance from your Ironlak Pump Action Paint Marker, we designed the Pump Action valve. This output system allows an adjustable paint flow across a variety of surfaces and application techniques. Press firmly for free-flowing colour applications, or dash lightly for metered strokes. Whatever your desired effect, the valve will accommodate by metering the amount of paint passing through to the nib – ensuring clean and crisp applications. This makes the Ironlak Pump Action Paint Marker perfect for application on a wide variety of smooth surfaces. From porcelain to steel, terracotta to canvas – we’ve got you covered.

UV Resistant - Serious staying power

The paint in our markers is designed to withstand the elements – whether that means rain, hail, shine or just knowing that your studio works will hold up in the archives. We used UV-stable, professional artist-grade pigments, to ensure that your work will last. Additionally, the resin compound contributes to a paint film that further protects your work when exposed to inclement elements – adding a degree of elasticity that’s crucial for application on surfaces that are prone to expand and contract. We believe creativity is important, and that’s why we do everything in our power to ensure that your work has the longevity to be preserved well into the future.

Refills & Replacement Nibs - Buy once, keep for a lifetime

All Ironlak Pump Action Markers are totally refillable, allowing you to replace the paint once it’s depleted. Choose from Ironlak’s Fluid Acrylic colour range, or mix and blend your own custom colour concoctions – the choice is yours. The barrels of our paint markers are moulded from Polypropylene plastic for a high strength, durable product that won’t shatter or warp under stress, and has the added benefit of solvent resistibility when compared to similar plastics. Our nibs are made from dense nylon fibres that retain paint and allow for a continuous flowing line. When they start showing signs of wear and tear, simply swap them out for a fresh set – it’s as simple as that.