Fimo Professional 57g - Ochre

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  • Especially for professionals, artists and advanced users
  • Optimized colours with pure pigments incl. 5 True Colour colours*
  • Firm consistency for particularly filigree items
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Consistent high level of quality for meeting the highest of demands
  • Practical division into 8 portions for easy blending

*The FIMO professional colour mixing system is based on seven colours: The five True Colours and black and white. These make it possible to create a rainbow spectrum of a total of 168 harmonising shades. All of which are blended using the five True Colours and then gradated using either black or white. Each and every colour is defined by an exact mixing formula.

Colour Mixing PDF // More Infomation


 A beautiful mustard!

Colour note: The circle swatch in the image above is unbaked. All care has been taken to represent colour accurately however please allow variance from screen to screen.

Shipping note: It's advised to choose Express Post for clay if you live in a hot climate or in summer months to avoid the very slight possibility of the clay partially curing in transit.