Ironlak Artist' Colour Heavy Body Acrylic paint - METALLIC BUNDLE

$23.90 AUD 

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You will receive 3 tubes of paint when purchasing this bundle:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper


Paint uses in contemporary polymer clay making: you can paint directly onto clay like you would a canvas, cut into shapes & bake as usual. You can also cure pieces first before painting for added detail after cooling. Ironlak Heavy Body paint is also fantastic to use with our range of Silk Screens.

Paint offers you the world of colours, use brown tones to tint shades, white to lighten & black to darken. Primary hues are available in warm & cools tones to offer you the colour wheel at your feet!


"Ironlak Acrylic Artists’ Colour is a high quality paint produced with 100% acrylic polymer.
A heavy pigment load provides fantastic coverage and strong, vibrant colours. Its thick, creamy texture is an absolute pleasure to paint with, allowing experimentation with different techniques to create dynamic, layered artwork.

The paint film offers excellent adhesion and flexibility which absorbs strain placed on canvas as it expands and contracts. Try thinning it down for beautiful transparent washes, or mix colours together to create unique colour palettes.

Colours maintain their brilliance when dry and artist grade pigments ensure your work will last."