Ironlak Artists' Soft Pastels - 24 pack

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A set of 24 soft & smooth pastels with high pigments.

Designed by Australian graffiti art brand Ironlak, these pastels are vibrantly coloured, non-toxic & acid free.  

Soft Pastels can be used in Contemporary Polymer Clay making in many ways:

  • Adding to raw Transparent or White clay to mix custom pigmented shades
  • Adding to raw coloured clay to blend to a shade without having to mix an additional clay in
  • To add colour & detail to figurative work and 3d polymer clay slabs
  • To accentuate texture & depth on textured slabs
  • And many other uses waiting to be discovered!


Colours in the pack: Titanium White, Yellow Ochre Deep, Pineapple Park, Flesh Tint, Cadmium Orange, Light Brown, Swiss, Permanent Rose, Potion, Flirt, Moberry, Cameleon, Sublime, Jarnte, Field, Cyanine, Ozone, Atmosphere. Ultramarine, Ultramarine Medium, Purple Reign, Grey 1. Grey 4 and Ivory Black