JustResin - ArtCast (Fast) 5:1 Epoxy Resin - 600ml Kit

$36.00 AUD 

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Designed for Casting - ideal for applications such as jewellery, doming, embedding, casting & filling timber voids.

Very low viscosity, UV table, ultra clear, low odour, super high strength & scratch resistant. Made in Australia.

  • Pot Life - up to 20mins
  • Repour at approx 2hrs
  • Touch dry/de-mould at approx 12hrs
  • Depth of pours - approx 10mm deep. Multiple 10mm deep can be poured to reach depth.
  • Full cure at approx 7 days
  • Mixing ratio 5:1

You will receive Part A + Part B
Part A: 500mls (in a 500ml bottle)
Part B: 100mls (in a 250ml bottle)