KOR Tools - 5cm Acrylic Roller - Tile Mosaic

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KOR rollers are made from black acrylic to create smooth and crisp designs in any fine clay, including polymer clay, precious metal clay, and porcelain.

The size of this roller is 5cm long (2 inches) by 1 cm wide. KOR rollers are a terrific and easy way to add unique textures to jewellery and clay creations. With KOR rollers, it is simple to roll long strips without the pattern breaks you get from stamping.

The patterns are cut with a slight bevel allowing the rollers to release easy (you can spritz polymer clay with water to aid in the release if needed). If clay does get stuck in the rollers, gently brush with a soft toothbrush or use scrap polymer clay to sponge it out!

Additional uses for the KTR include rolling to create impressions on fondant, gum paste, or chocolate!