Liquid Sculpey 59ml - Black

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  • Can be colored with alcohol-based ink, micas, oil-based paints or pigments.
  • Works perfectly with bakable silicone molds.
  • Great for detailing on figurative pieces.
  • Perfect for “painting” with clay (consider flicking or dribbling for a splatter effect!)
  • Can be use to bond pieces of clay together, before or after baking - rebake to cure & hold.
  • To thin - add Sculpey Clay Softener until desired consistency is reached.
  • To thicken – add mica powder and stir until desired consistency is reached (Please note adding mica may cause the color to change)."

    Packaging note: Sculpey are re-branding their clay, your clay may look a little different to pictured (think purple/pink branding!) however its the exact same great product inside!

    Shipping note: It's advised to choose Express Post for clay if you live in a hot climate or in summer months to avoid the slight possibility of the clay partially curing in transit.