Mad Micas "Champagne" - 7g

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A creamy champagne with a hint of gold.


"Mad Micas scours the earth to bring you what we think is the highest quality, ethically sourced premium mica available anywhere in the known universe."

Blackbird and Violet are beyond excited to range Mad Micas mica powder, an ethically sourced, cruelty free & vegan product in a range of contemporary colours!

Mica has many applications in the world of polymer clay:

  • Mix through raw polymer clay to tint, pigment or add shine
  • Use as above on Translucent clays for a coloured glass effect
  • Dust the top of raw polymer clay to tint or add shine
  • Coat the top of raw polymer clay to give a holographic or highly metallic finish

Mica tips:

  • Glazing or sealing is only needed when a dense application of mica is applied, a light brush detailing will seal to the clay when baked.
  • Less is more, start lightly & increase application to your taste.
  • We recommend using make up brushes or similar to apply mica powder details or coats (avoid big bristles brush like paint brushes as they may not be delicate enough or leave marks on your work.)

The spoon in the photos is a shiny gunmetal used to depict colour shift. All care is taken to accurately represent colour however they may vary slightly from screen to screen.

The mica is dense & may appear only partially filled - it is jarred by weight not volume. In fact the space in the jars is very useful for brush application!

SDS sheets, ethics & animal testing statements can be found on the Mad Micas website.