Mad Micas Mica-Based Glitter "Sparkle Me Gold" - 14g

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A white mica glitter that tints gold in the light.

Larger flakes than traditional glitters but lighter in weight. It is glitter puff powder! This mica based glitter is eco friendly and so luxe in appearance.


Blackbird and Violet are beyond excited to extend our Mad Micas range to include glitter, an ethically sourced, cruelty free & vegan product.

Glitter has many applications in the world of polymer clay:

  • Mix through raw polymer clay to add a granite effect and/or sparkle
  • Dust the top of raw polymer clay to add texture and/or shine
  • Coat the top of raw polymer clay to give a holographic or highly metallic finish

Glitter tips:

  • Glazing or sealing is only needed when the glitter is not 'bound" to the clay i.e  a light brush detailing will often seal to the clay when baked. When mixed through clay or pressed in, glazing and sealing is normally not needed.

All care is taken to accurately represent colour however they may vary slightly from screen to screen.

The glitter can settle & may appear only partially filled - it is jarred by weight not volume. 

SDS sheets, ethics & animal testing statements can be found on the Mad Micas website.

$9.90 AUD 

This product is currently sold out.