Mega Mold Molding Compound - 4oz

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Use to create finely detailed molds of virtually any object or surface in 5 minutes. Mix equal parts A and B together and press on object. Wait 5 minutes. Mold is ready!

Fantastic for creating textures of items in your everyday life (coins, flowers, leaves, shells) or molding around a stud you want to repeat make - this will save you so much time & give you freedom to be truly creative.

MegaMold Compound is a 2-part 100% silicone RTV mold making material that picks up the best detail possible and cures in only 5 minutes.

Easy to use:

  • Knead equal parts of white and coloured compound together until all marbling is gone
  • Press over item to be molded, then wait 5 minutes for mold to set up.
  • Remove your original item and your mold is ready to use.
  • Molds stay flexible and do not harden as other mold materials do.
  • Non-toxic and does not require a release.
No bubbles, no grainy texture, no tearing, shrinking or distortion. It pays to buy the best.

You'll receive 2 jars, each containing 2 oz (sold by volume, not by weight). Shelf life: 6 months

What is RTV? RTV means room temperature vulcanizing. Vulcanizing is a chemical process that converts polymer into durable material. There are many materials that require heat in order to vulcanize (become solid), but MegaMold sets up under normal temperatures when the two parts are mixed together.