MKM Tools - HandRoller - Umbrellas

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HandRollers are 10cm long & 1.5cm in diameter.

MKM rollers are made from wood that is precision carved to make deep beautiful impressions. The rollers are also bevel carved, allowing them to release easily from clay and other similar soft mediums. While designed for pottery, these cross mediums into polymer very well. 

Simply roll the roller with your hand across the clay to create a beautiful pattern.  The ends of the rollers are rounded to avoid a line along each side of the pattern. This allows patterns to blend. 

You can spritz polymer clay with water to aid in the release if needed or if clay does get stuck in the rollers, gently brush with a soft toothbrush or use scrap polymer clay to sponge it out!

MKM wood tools are durably finished  to protect them during  normal use for many years.  The rollers are easily cleaned with water and a soft brush (such as an old toothbrush).  As with all wood tools, don’t let them sit in water for long periods of time.