November Limited Edition Cutter Set: "Arch-itecture"

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November: "Arch-itecture"

Parabolic Arch:  20mm x 15mm
Pointed Horseshoe Arch: 19mm x 13mm
Ogee Arch: 20mm x 15mm
Deco Arch:  20mm x 13mm
Multifoil Arch: 19mm x 13mm

Parabolic Arch:  
45mm x 33mm
Pointed Horseshoe Arch: 
45mm x 31mm
Ogee Arch: 
40mm x 30mm
Deco Arch:  
40mm x 28mm
Multifoil Arch: 
40mm x 28mm


Our Monthly Limited Edition Cutter Sets are available from the first week of the month. The set becomes unavailable once the month ends. The November sets are special - they will be available until the end of Dec! Two sets, two months. The cutters are not available individually. And the sets will most likely not be repeated although we reserve the right to do so. 

Blackbird & Violet Shape Cutters are 3D printed from PLA, a biodegradable plastic. They are specifically designed to be used in Contemporary Polymer Clay making, especially slab style earrings. Their cutting edge is approx 0.4mm & base is 3mm to support an easy cut-out.  Care instructions can be found here, please read before purchase and/or use.

SIZE: Size is the 'inner' of the cutter & will be the size of the resulting shape cut out. Measurement is taken at the widest or tallest point of the shape and all sizes are as accurate as possible but allow for a +/- 0.5mm variance.

FINISHING: All efforts are taken to reduce any bumps created by the printing process, however sometimes some slip through. These are light & can be easily removed during your sanding process.

COLOUR: Print colour varies & you may receive a different colour to that pictured or a mix of colours.

POSTAGE: 3D printed shape cutters are heat sensitive. If there is a chance your parcel will be exposed to high temperatures (Heat waves, International postal delays etc) we recommend you select EXPRESS post to avoid the slim chance of your cutters warping if exposed to direct heat.

$19.00 AUD 

This variant is currently sold out