Polly Collective Tool Set - Translucent Pink & Black | Clear

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Each set includes:

  • 1x pair of Large Guides in Black
  • 1x pair of Small Guides in Translucent Pink
  • 1x Clear Squishing tool

The Translucent Pink colour is exclusive to Blackbird and Violet!


What are Depth Guides? Polly Collective Depth Guides were created to assist you in ensuring an even thickness for your clay slabs, as well as a smooth finish. The large guides provide the perfect height to decorate your work and then finish them off by rolling down to the small guide depth! Check out the video below for a visual guide!

Depth Guides are all approx. 20cm long. Small guides are approx. 3mm thick & large are approx. 4.5mm thick. 

What's a Squishing Tool? It's a small shaping tool with circle guides etched into the top - perfect for pressing or squashing studs. Also great for rolling snakes, shaping beads, smoothing hoops and more! When Polly Collective's Sheree started making bead she used a bottle top to squish things - this is her chic answer to that problem! Pretty, practical and ready to squish.

The Squishing tool measures 60mm x 60mm and its made from acrylic. It can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Store in a cool spot, while very durable high heat can effect acrylic.