Sculpey Liquid Clay Softener 30ml

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"If you find yourself with material that’s too stiff and you’re wondering how to soften clay Sculpey Liquid Clay Softener can be used for all types of polymer clay. You can turn a batch of dry or firm material into clay that’s soft, smooth and easy to knead, shape and manipulate. Just a few drops will make all the difference. Here’s what our clay softener has to offer:
  • Sculpey Liquid Clay Softener improves the texture of dry, crumbly clay, creating the perfect consistency.
  • Add a few drops of this polymer clay softener into firm clay and thoroughly knead into the clay to make it soft and subtle.
  • Also works great to thin out Liquid Sculpey if it gets too thick.

To use the softener, simply add a couple drops to the clay you need to fix and work to knead the liquid into the clay. As the polymer clay absorbs the material, it will become soft and smooth, removing any crumbling. If your clay still isn’t pliable enough, add a little more softener. Just make sure to use it sparingly so you don’t make the material too mushy. If you find you’ve added to much liquid, press the clay between paper or paper towels and apply pressure to absorb excess softener."