When engraving onto our products we need your logo in a certain format & quality.
Below are some images
for you to consider when preparing your logo to upload so that you get the best resulting outcome when we engrave it.

We offer a Logo Conversion service here if your logo does not meet the below criteria. 
  • The logo you upload must be pure Black & White (no greys or colour). The laser will engrave everything that is black, and leave the white untouched/raised. 
  • Files: We accept .png, .svg, .ai, .psd & .pdf file formats. Ideally these should be vectorized formats (created in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or similar).
  • Logo Engraving Size: Every logo is a different shape & each product has different space to work with. We commit to balancing & highlighting the logo while providing room for your earrings to sit.
  • Which Display to pick? We recommend our "Logo Height" displays vs "Standard" earring displays when choosing to add your logo. We have built extra room into the top of these displays. However if you primarily use Hooks or Ball Posts & don't want extra space above your earrings Standard can be a great choice if you .
  • Turnaround: As we make every acrylic item to order, there may be an additional 1-2 days processing time required. 

Thickness Matters

On Logo on the Top Left is a standard font weight. It does not translate well to engraving.
The Logo on the Bottom Left logo is with additional weight added to the outline making a much better result.

Black Outline vs Black Filled in

The images on the left are the Logo files vs the Black & Clear engraved acrylics . These are all engraved nice and small (2cm across).
Overall the filled in option always looks best but thick outlines can yield a great result if that is the style of your logo.

Simple vs Complex images

As with the thick vs thin, simple bold imagery is much more effective.
Fine lines & images may not come out as intended once minimised & etched.

 Simple images & Small text

A simple, well lined image will come out effectively, add stroke or thickness where you can. Small text can be very effective if bold enough.

Paint Filling

Your pieces will come with their protective layer still on. Before peeling you may want to paint fill. Use POSCA pens or Acrylic paint to infill the engraving. Ensure this is completely dry (leave 1hr plus) before peeling for best result.
We recommend selecting a Shiny Acrylic for paint fill. The protective paper does not always seal well to the acrylic and may/likely result in unclean edges/lots of tidy up.

Our Story

B&V are Sarah & Cody, two women based in Regional Victoria, Australia. Creating colourful & cheerful things has always bought a smile to our faces & it's a daily delight to be able to help others create those things too!

Shaking up the Shape Cutter scene in 2019, offering modern shapes in fresh colours but most importantly: sold individually. Most cutters back then were sourced from internationally based, traditionally focused printers & had to be bought in large sets of sizes that weren't always right for slab earring making.

In early 2020 we made the exciting decision to grow into
your one-stop-shop for Earring Supplies, focused on contemporary polymer clay making. 

Now in 2021 we're working super hard behind the scenes to continue to grow that range & bring some exciting new things to the table (helloooo resin!). 

To keep up to date on new products, check out our instagram.

We would like to thank you all. Since June 2020 Blackbird and Violet has made monthly donations from our sales to the groups below. Cumulatively we've given over $27,000 so far and are proud with your ongoing support to keep this total growing.

We would like to encourage you to click the links below to find out more about these initiatives & charities. 

Pay The Rent  is a grassroots to grassroots collective in Victoria to Pay Our Rent to the First Nations people whose land we live on & part of a process of restitution to move towards justice & liberation for First Nations people.

Minus18 are champions for LGBTQIA+ youth, leading change, building social inclusion & advocating for an Australia
where all young people are safe.

Berry Street is an independent family service org., providing safe homes for children through fostering, kinship & residential care, works towards healing Childhood Trauma & speaks out for Childhood.

safe steps Family Violence Response Centre is a statewide (VIC) service for women, young people & children experiencing family violence, working towards ending family violence through a respond-recover-prevent framework.