Acrylic Info & Colours

  • Please see photos below for our range of Acrylic to choose from when ordering B&V Components, Earring Sticks & Earring Display Stands
  • Mirror Acrylic only has protective masking on one side, the other side is the mirror backing (you can't remove it!)
  • We do our best to colour match our photos but there will be variances from screen to screen.
  • Occassionally colour may vary slightly from sheet to sheet.


Basic, Pastel & Nature ranges: These acrylics are reversible - one side is matte, the other is shiny. In general the Nature range colours are more slightly more muted than screen show (they tend to brighten them).

Mirror: Acrylic has one side that is grey or white (like a real mirror!) this is the "back side" & sometimes has minor marks but these are not seen from the front & do not impact the piece. We recommend removing the protective tape (it's only on the front side) as late as possible to avoid fingerprints or dust (easily cleaned with a microfibre cloth). Some glues may show through, we recommend E6000. Mirror is not available for Earring Sticks or Earring Stands.

Glitters are shiny on both sides. Most are single colour glitters though the Black Holo & Iridescent shine many colours in the light.

Sheer Sparkles are shiny on both sides. They are translucent with suspended glitters. They all have 2 different colours of glitter in them, the colour they are + silver (i.e Purple has Purple & Silver glitter). 'Fairy' has iridescent glitter & sparkles holographically.

Shards are shiny on both sides. They all have a back that the glitter sits on, the dark colours have a black backing. We etch on the front. Due to the nature of shards acrylic sheets they are not available for Earring Displays.

Marbled Pearls are shiny on both sides. They are a delicious swirl of marble & shine. They have a back side with less detail than the front. Please note: On the lighter colours in this range, grey marks may show up where there are corners/inner curves on the items (i.e the corners of stars/petals, lines of wiggle sticks).

Frosted Most are matte on both sides. The Sheer Pink, Lilac, Pale Blue & Soft Mint are Matte one side, shiny the other.

Neon & Fluoros are shiny on both sides. The Neons are semi-opaque brights with the Fluoros are high brightness translucent.

Translucents are all shiny both sides.

Specialty: Black & Pink shimmer are a dense glitter on one side with a plain coloured back. Neon Confetti is translucent around the round shapes. Aura & Paua are full of depth, colour & sparkle. Aura note: is like the pearls: grey marks may show up where there are corners/inner curves on the items (i.e the corners of stars/petals, lines of wiggle sticks).

Iridescent Translucent note: the iridescent is applied as a film on the acrylic, be careful when peeling the tape off to not also peel this off.



Our Story

B&V are Sarah & Cody, two women based in Regional Victoria, Australia. Creating colourful & cheerful things has always bought a smile to our faces & it's a daily delight to be able to help others create those things too!

Shaking up the Shape Cutter scene in 2019, offering modern shapes in fresh colours but most importantly: sold individually. Most cutters back then were sourced from internationally based, traditionally focused printers & had to be bought in large sets of sizes that weren't always right for slab earring making.

In early 2020 we made the exciting decision to grow into
your one-stop-shop for Earring Supplies, focused on contemporary polymer clay making. 

Now in 2021 we're working super hard behind the scenes to continue to grow that range & bring some exciting new things to the table (helloooo resin!). 

To keep up to date on new products, check out our instagram.

We would like to thank you all. Since June 2020 Blackbird and Violet has made monthly donations from our sales to the groups below. Cumulatively we've given over $27,000 so far and are proud with your ongoing support to keep this total growing.

We would like to encourage you to click the links below to find out more about these initiatives & charities. 

Pay The Rent  is a grassroots to grassroots collective in Victoria to Pay Our Rent to the First Nations people whose land we live on & part of a process of restitution to move towards justice & liberation for First Nations people.

Minus18 are champions for LGBTQIA+ youth, leading change, building social inclusion & advocating for an Australia
where all young people are safe.

Berry Street is an independent family service org., providing safe homes for children through fostering, kinship & residential care, works towards healing Childhood Trauma & speaks out for Childhood.

safe steps Family Violence Response Centre is a statewide (VIC) service for women, young people & children experiencing family violence, working towards ending family violence through a respond-recover-prevent framework.