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    How to look after your Shape Cutters:

    Our Shape Cutters are 3D printed using PLA, an ecoplastic made from bio material (think sugarcane pulp, corn starch etc) and as such are biodegradable.

    This also means:

    • They are NOT dishwasher or oven safe.
    • They are non-toxic but can not be exposed to temperatures over 60-70 degrees without increased chances of warping.
    • Wash with warm soapy water.


    What exactly is T-Shirt Yarn and what does that mean for me?

    T-Shirt yarn is made from the fabric off-cuts that result when clothing is factory mass produced, it's a by-product of the fashion industry. We like to consider using t-shirt yarn as up-cycling and doing just a little bit in stemming unnecessary waste! 

    Due to this, often the yarn can vary in width and contain wee knots. We do our best to work with this and mesh them into a tidy product but sometimes you'll spot these variances... we like to think they add to the charm of it all! 

    As fashion is seasonal, so are the fabric types and colours available. This means more often than not we will only have a few skeins of any particular yarn. While frustrating (we still pine for the dark mustard of last May...), all these little facts add up to mean you're getting a One Of A Kind product. 

    Every Blackbird & Violet product is lovingly handmade, just that little bit different and full of its own charm.


    How to look after your T-Shirt Yarn or Cotton product:

    Because t-shirt yarn is predominantly cotton (some have a percentage of polyester and/or spandex), it is durable and easy to clean. Spot cleaning can be performed with a clean, damp cloth or when a deeper clean is required, a gentle hand-wash will make your item come up a treat. Handy things to remember:

    • Cold hand-wash only (<30 degrees)
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Do not dry in direct sunlight
    • In the case of baskets & bowls, always re-shape before putting out to dry
    • In the case of toys, gently press between a clean towel to help get water from the middle
    • Rugs may be ironed after washing, however we recommend using the lowest setting & if concerned, through a clean sheet (especially if your rug has any stretch or shimmer)


    How to look after your Earrings:

    We make our jewellery with polymer clay. Our hooks are sterling silver & our stud backs are surgical stainless steel. All our metals are nickel-free and hypoallergenic.

    • Please store your earrings out of direct sunlight
    • Minimize exposure to excessive heat, water and perfumes
    • While pieces are strong, please avoid bending or dropping as breakages can still occur
    • Hooks are handmade and may dull overtime, a gentle buff with a cotton cloth will restore their shine
    • Clay components can be wiped with a damp cloth and then buffed with a microfibre cloth to return luster also


    Do you use any leather and/or animal products?

    Nope, our nifty black branded tags, while leather looking, are 100% faux. The only animals you'll see near our work are our pesky pets that seem to turn up whenever we're trying to take product shots...


    Help, I've got a different question!

    Please, ask us over here and we'll get back to you asap.