About Us


Meet Blackbird & Violet

Hey there, we're Cody & Sarah! We started B&V back in 2016 as a creative outlet from our very un-creative day jobs. With super boring last names, we instead named the business after tattoos we each had.

Fast forward to now & we are lucky enough to run B&V fulltime from a little farmlet in regional Victoria. Cody's still very much creatively buried in the Polymer Clay & Resin game while Sarah's levelled up to her very own pottery wheel.

A huge amount of our range is designed from scratch by Cody, in fact every listing that has "B&V" in the name! We're very much one of those "By a Maker, For Makers" kinda brands! We also stock a huge range of curated brands that we back from years of experience & creation.

We run Prusa 3D Printers & a very speedy Trotec Laser Cutter. These are top of the range machines and we love the quality we can bring our customers paired with our nerdery using them.

We also have 2 dogs, 3 cats & 10 chickens, but until they can be trained to pack orders they're really only good for cute as pie Insta Stories!

So that's us, a tiny family biz with big colourful dreams & we're beyond grateful every day for people like you that mean we to get to work in this space. Thank you.