Translucent acrylics are shiny on both sides & are see through. 

Glass is clear tinted green, ice is clear tinted blue. Black & Charcoal are black variants where the charcoal has blue tones and the black has no saturation.



General Info

  • We do our best to colour match our photos but there will be variances from screen to screen. We reccomend ordering from desktops where possible as you get a bigger view of the colours & mobile screens tend to oversaturate. 
  • As we use through an acrylic sheet & begin a new one, colour may vary slightly. You may notice slight variances between orders but this is rare.
  • Our Acrylics average 3mm thick. Some can be as thin as 2.5mm & as thick as 4mm. In general they range from 2.7-3.2mm thick.