B&V Extruder Discs - "Bigger Circles"

$5.90 AUD 

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Extruding just got a bunch more exciting! Designed to pair with our Clay Extruder, these discs are made to open up the possibility's with your extrusions.

  • See through acrylic for easy cleaning & no staining.
  • The perfect width & thickness to slot into our Clay Extruder
  • This set includes one each of the 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm & 12mm circles.

Please note: B&V Extruder Discs come with a protective film on both sides of each disc. This is easily removed with tweezers. You may keep it on your pieces however the pieces become harder to clean & maintain.

Extruders and other photo props are not included in purchase.